I started using Dynacycle Oil a year ago when i as doing a raoutine oil change on my daily rider. I was doing a full service before heading to Sturgis and decided to try it in my Streetglidege AKA the “Stripperglide”.
After changing the oil and filter I took the scooter for a quick ride to check the levels and inmediately noticed a smoother running motor and better acceleration. I live in Florida where engine temperature is a concern and noticed a marked drecrease in operating temperature which as we all know is a good thing with an air cooled motor. I will be a lifelong customer of Dynacycle oil in al my bikes and highly recommend it for yours.

Jhonny Lange, Strip CLub Choppers Inc.

I’ve used it exclusively in my air cooled Harleys and BMWs for many years – great stuff! Temp gauge stays low, and superior protection extends the replacement interval as well.

Moshe K. Levy, Contributing columnist for Thunder Press, BMW Owner’s News, and Motorcycle Consumer News magazines

I’ve used this oil in all my bikes for the past several years. Motor runs 10 degrees cooler on an 85 degree day. Come oil change time, it comes out almost the same color as when i put it in! ….. Good stuff!!

Paul Bruno